Southern Light plans network expansion

Southern Light, LLC, a provider of broadband infrastructure solutions, said it has announced a long-term contract with one of the nation´s top wireless carriers to provide a dedicated fiber network to hundreds of locations along the Gulf Coast.

The 20-year contract expands the reach and density of Southern Light´s fiber optic network. The multi-year project requires significant investment that will allow Southern Light to serve not only wireless carriers but also local and regional stakeholders.

Covering parts of Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and Florida, the project requires over 1,650 route miles and 14,000 fiber miles to connect 446 sites. While Southern Light already has a substantial fiber network throughout these markets, the company will be building approximately 790 fiber miles over the next four years in order to fulfill the recent contract.

Southern Light will leverage existing and new networks to reach additional customers, including military installations, hospitals, universities, businesses, non-profits, and financial institutions. The company currently serves 1,520 cell towers and has over 3,800 on-net locations in five states.

Founded in 1998, Southern Light designs, constructs and operates more than 5,000 route miles of fiber optic networks in the Southeast, delivering large bandwidth solutions to telecommunications carriers, governmental agencies and enterprise customers throughout the region. The company provides high resiliency services to the most demanding customers using its dense last-mile fiber optic networks.