SOSi to Advance AI, Machine Learning for Speech Recognition, Translation Offerings

SOS International LLC (SOSi) has announced that its owners acquired a non-controlling interest in Applications Technology (AppTek), LLC, a provider of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning for Automatic Speech Recognition and Machine Translation, the company said.

Under the agreement, SOSi becomes the exclusive reseller of AppTek products to US federal, state, and local government entities. As part of the deal, Julian Setian, SOSi´s President and CEO, will become a member of AppTek´s board of directors.

Founded in 1989, SOSi is a private, family owned and operated technology and services integrator in the aerospace, defense, and government services industry. Its portfolio includes military logistics, intelligence analysis, software development, and cybersecurity. For more information, visit

Founded in 1990, AppTek is a developer of A.I. and Machine Learning applied to Neural Machine Translation, Automatic Speech Recognition and Natural Language Processing. These technologies are deployed at scale on the cloud and on-premise for call centers, the media, and entertainment industries.