Sony, Cogitai partner to conduct research and development for next wave of artificial intelligence

Sony Corporation has invested in Cogitai to collaborate in the development of AI technologies using reinforcement learning with prediction technology that could be used as the basis for the next generation of AI applications and products, the company said.

Cogitai was founded in September 2015 by three AI researchers, Mark Ring (CEO of Cogitai), Peter Stone (president and COO of Cogitai) and Satinder Singh Baveja (chief scientist and CTO of Cogitai. The company aims to develop AI technology that empowers machines to learn continually from interaction with the real world, enabling everyday things that sense and act to get smarter, more skilled, and more knowledgeable with experience.

Sony and Cogitai both consider the next challenge for AI to be the creation of systems that can autonomously and continually learn from experience –autonomous cognitive development systems (or continual learning systems) that exhibit flexible competence and can learn to react properly in a wide variety of task domains.

These systems will allow machines to autonomously build up their own knowledge and skills from interactive experience with the real world, and share and extend their knowledge, skills and understanding with each other.