Sonobi to build addressable digital marketplace

Sonobi, an independent technology firm built for people-based media transactions across the comScore 250, has announced that its cookie-less addressable marketplace has grown to over 150 million logged-in, plannable users, the company said.

With over 50% of the comScore 250 integrated, including publishers such as The Weather company an IBM Business, Penske Media Corp., and NY Daily News, Sonobi´s addressable solution now reaches more of the US population than either Snapchat or Twitter. This milestone helps underscore Sonobi´s ongoing mission to bring a clear alternative to the walled gardens.

Sonobi is an independent technology company that builds innovative people-based solutions, bringing greater addressability, context, efficiency, voice, and scale to the business of advertising. It helps strategic partners forecast new market opportunities and enhance value delivery to clients, and create more profitable businesses through the integration of progressive data procurement and user-centric sales management technologies.