Sonim Technologies partners with Star Solutions on portable Band 14 LTE networks

Sonim Technologies and Star Solutions have partnered to provide portable Band 14 LTE networks to US and Canadian public safety agencies.

The dedicated Band 14 LTE network provides a high-speed wireless data pipeline that is not impacted by or available to the general public. This allows first responders the bandwidth required to send sensitive information, place and receive calls, and share data, including video, regardless of the conditions of commercial networks.

Star Solution´s IMPAC System is a complete LTE Network in a backpack form factor that is capable of providing broadband coverage in any environment. The IMPAC System can be battery powered and is easy to transport making it an excellent solution for emergency or incident response and disaster recovery. Operation is quick and easy as a single switch enables a LTE network to be deployed in under five minutes.

Sonim´s Band 14 capable XP7 meets Sonim´s Rugged Performance Standards (RPS), which go far beyond basic MIL-Spec and IP certifications. Standard features include an extra-loud speaker, noise cancellation, a powerful, 4,800-milliamp battery, resistance to submersion in water, an ability to withstand drops onto concrete surfaces and ease of use with dirty or wet work gloves.

The IMPAC System includes LTE core network and eNodeB components enabling it to be used in stand-alone mode or integrated as part of a Public Safety Broadband Network. The combination of the IMPAC System with Sonim´s Band 14-capable XP7 ultra-rugged handset has allowed customers to address remote deployment and incident response requirements for broadband communications.

Sonim Technologies provides mission-critical solutions designed specifically for workers in extreme, hazardous and isolated environments. The Sonim solution includes ultra-rugged mobile phones, business-process applications and a suite of industrial-grade accessories, collectively designed to increase worker productivity, accountability and safety on the job site.

Star Solutions is a leading supplier of mobile network infrastructure solutions with special focus on Rural/Remote, Enterprise and Rapid Deployment/Disaster Recovery applications.