Sonera deploys Teleste Luminato in Finland for Edge QAM renovation

The deployment ensures the delivery of high-value services from versatile sources to consumers within cable TV networks

Teleste Corporation has deployed Teleste Luminato headend platform to Sonera´s cable TV network in Finland, the company said.

As part of the international Telia Company, Sonera operates a nationwide backbone network, and provides its customers with both TV services and access network services. Including almost 100 sites, Teleste´s deployment aims at a gradual Edge QAM update in Sonera´s entire backbone.

The Teleste Luminato headend platform is designed for flexible and future-proof Edge QAM installations, as its Edge-QAM solution provides an advanced DVB-C platform for the multiplexing of versatile video sources for delivery in cable TV networks. Luminato also allows reception and re-multiplexing of local channels on remote sites.

Due to its modular design, Luminato makes it possible to scale and update services to meet changing subscriber demands and future needs. As one of the most reliable headend platforms in the market, it will also ensure that subscriber services stay up and running at all times.

Predefined by Teleste to meet Sonera´s specifications, the deployment is designed the integration of the devices into Sonera´s nationwide management system.

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