Somos expands industry access to toll-free routing data

Somos, Inc., the provider of neutral toll-free numbering and registry administration services, has launched RouteLink, a new API-based solution that offers Toll-Free routing data at a fraction of what it costs today, the company said.

RouteLink will enable all Toll-Free Service Providers to access the most current and accurate Toll-Free routing data to help reduce their network costs and provide lower cost services to their customers.

RouteLink delivers Toll-Free routing data to the subscribed Toll-Free Service Providers (also known as Responsible Organizations or Resp Orgs) over an open standard-based API.

Somos enables data integrity and access to fuel innovation and growth in Toll-Free and related markets. It operates the SMS/800 Toll-Free Number (TFN) Registry to administer and route data for the 41 Million and growing Toll-Free numbers in use today.