SolidX Partners launches enterprise-grade blockchain identity software

SolidX Partners Inc. has launched its Vida platform, a full-stack identity solution using blockchain technology, the company said.

Vida provides enterprises with identity management capabilities without the need to hold personal identifying information. Vida provides one identity across numerous applications, streamlining permissioned access to data and services without shared-secret based access mechanisms (e.g., usernames and passwords, government ID numbers).

A blockchain is a distributed database containing a list of records, which are time-stamped as well as hardened against tampering and revision. A blockchain employs a specialized mechanism of consensus, enabling its constituent computers to synchronize records. Blockchains are kept secure with well-established cryptographic methods, and are decentralized, removing the risk of a single point of failure.

SolidX Partners Inc. provides blockchain-based software solutions relating to the recording of records, transfer of assets and identity.