Solekai Systems inks distribution agreement with Keepixo

Solekai Systems Corporation (Solekai) has signed a Distribution Agreement with Keepixo that will enable Solekai to market, install, support and maintain Keepixo products in North America, the company said.

Solekai is a provider of software design, integration and testing services for Digital Media and IoT applications, with domain expertise in segments such as PayTV, OTT Streaming and Mobile. Solekai´s team of architects and development engineers has enabled innovative solutions for the biggest names in technology for more than 15 years. Keepixo is a provider of software head-end products for IPTV and streaming solutions, with a complete range of components that broadcasters and service providers need for creating OTT TV preparation and delivery.

Solekai is a provider of software design and integration services, based in San Diego, CA. Founded in 2002, Solekai provides high-quality development, integration and testing in the Digital Media, Smart Grid, Internet of Things and Connected Health markets. Solekai´s extensive expertise enables their clients to increase revenue, reduce cost and improve consumer satisfaction by accelerating the time to market of mission-critical software. Solekai — your trusted technology partner.

Keepixo, the spin-off of Allegro DVT´s broadcast business, is a provider of software-based and cloud-ready head-end solutions for IPTV & OTT TV. Offering a complete range of products, it covers the Encoding, Packaging and Delivery functions of the OTT TV chain. This includes live and file video transcoders, mosaic generators and feature-rich OTT Packagers. Keepixo solutions are used by more than 150 customers, including 40 tier-1 operators worldwide.