Solar Ship, Loonify Space partner to develop micro-satellite launch system

Solar Ship has partnered with Loonify Space to develop a rockoon (rocket + balloon) launch platform that offers flexible, affordable and reliable launch services tailored to micro-satellite operators, the company said.

Combining Solar Ship´s innovative airship technology and extensive balloon launch experience with Loonify Space´s lightweight rocket design and proprietary navigation algorithms will substantially lower launch costs while accelerating technology development. Satellite launches will therefore become accessible to a wide range of customers and industries. This will expand the number of viable space-based services in Canada with vital applications such as providing satellite internet services to remote communities and conducting environmental monitoring by remote sensing.

Solar Ship Inc. is a Canadian company that develops hybrid aircraft and aerostats to service remote areas.

Loonify Space Inc. is a Toronto-based space launch company currently developing a launch platform to offer on-demand launch services to micro-satellite operators.