Smith Micro Adds Touchless Features to ViewSpot Platform

Smith Micro Software announced the launch of new functionality for its smart retail platform, ViewSpot, which will facilitate touchless in-store device interactions for consumers that visit wireless carrier retail locations, the company said.

Smith Micro developed the patent-pending technology in response to customer demand for touchless features.

By leveraging facial detection capabilities available on smartphones and tablets, ViewSpot facilitates contactless device interactions that provide pricing and other device information to customers as well as on-screen sanitization notifications to reassure consumers that safety precautions are being observed with respect to devices on display in carrier retail stores. Equipped with these unique capabilities, wireless carriers will have an additional tool on hand as they work to safely market connected devices and wireless plans while meeting new consumer expectations.

ViewSpot´s touchless dynamic pricing functionality will launch on-device promotional content using technology that detects a consumer is facing the device with or without facial coverings, such as masks. In-store demo devices running ViewSpot will display sanitization status notifications until they are touched to provide reassurance to retail customers. Upon completing required cleaning procedures, retail associates must manually re-enable the sanitization notification on each device. This two-step process provides wireless carriers with an extra level of precaution while also providing consumers with additional peace of mind that sanitization procedures are being followed.

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