Smartmedical's vocal emotion recognition technology improves telemarketing conversion rate

Smartmedical Corp. has collaborated with TMJ to conduct research that confirms Smartmedical´s smart call center system, equips vocal emotion recognition technology Empath and has improved the conversion rate for outbound telemarketing, the company said.

The company said the system can visualize and analyze both clients´ and TSRs´ (telephone service representatives) emotions in real-time. Multiple call center companies have already adopted the system that can detect a TSR´s motivation, which can be evaluated to improve service quality.

Smartmedical and TMJ have agreed to continue their collaborative research.

Smartmedical Corp., comprised of PCC and ICT self-care divisions, develops and licenses Empath, vocal emotion recognition technology utilized in multiple service sectors such as robotics, call centers and VR.

TMJ designs and operates call centers that include research and analytics, temporary help service and human resource development services.