Smartiply Edge Gateway added to AWS Partner Device Catalog

Smartiply brings to the world an Edge-to-Cloud hybrid platform, leveraging Amazon Web Services (AWS), that is designed to optimize computing resources and drive local decision making, further reducing total cost of ownership for AWS Internet of Things (IoT) applications, the company said.

The Smartiply platform allows AWS Lambda functions and machine learning models to run on the edge, enhancing the core capabilities of Smartiply Edge Gateway without rebuilding.

The Smartiply Edge Gateway is a patented multi-purpose product that combines smart connectivity, edge computing, and IoT functions all in one device to address difficult problems faced by IoT applications due to infrastructure, geographic, or economic constraints. The product has been successfully deployed in some of the harshest environments across multiple verticals primarily targeting Public Safety & Security, Enterprise Connectivity, and Smart City use cases. The Smartiply solution provides secure and uninterrupted Internet connectivity for IoT and video applications; analyzes video, audio, and sensor data on the edge to infer and take action; and performs data thinning to optimally utilize cloud resources.

Smartiply, Inc. is a Fog Computing technology company headquartered in New Jersey, USA. Co-founded by Dr. Junshan Zhang and Dr. Mung Chiang, who have been credited with pioneering Transactional Networks and Fog Computing, the startup sprouted out of Arizona State University and Princeton University in 2015. The company is backed by Wistron Corporation, a strategic partner and a major original design manufacturer. Smartiply has deployed its technology commercially, delivering value and ROI, and continues to build innovative products based on its platform. For more information, visit