SmartBeings bringing WooHoo into homes at low cost

SmartBeings, Inc., the developers of WooHooâ„¢, the market´s first AI-based digital home assistant, aims to revolutionize the face of AI with WooHoo, the company said.

Featuring an interactive user experience and technologies that allow connectivity with other smart devices, WooHoo creates a truly connected home. SmartBeings will be demonstrating WooHoo at CES 2018 in Las Vegas.

WooHoo, a smart technology enabled AI device will completely change the way homes are connected that other smart-home devices have not yet tackled. WooHoo features both facial and voice recognition, a 360-degree rotating camera, and a full 7″ screen that allows for more than just the usual music and weather commands you find in most other smart home assistants.

WooHoo promises to practically eliminate the issue of a slow smart home through the use of a mesh networking chips like ZigBee and ZWave in the WooHoo device, and partnerships with telecommunications.

WooHoo will launch in 2018 with Telco partners for distribution in the US, UK, Japan, Korea & Singapore.