Small UAS carries wide-area sensor

Logos Technologies and Insitu, a subsidiary of The Boeing Company, have announced the successful initial flight test of the Redkite wide-area sensor aboard Integrator small tactical unmanned aircraft, the companies said.

The test marks the first time a wide-area motion imagery (WAMI) system has been carried in the internal payload bay of a small UAS.

Despite its compact form, Redkite can image a city-sized area (over 12 square kilometers) all at once–detecting, tracking, and recording all significant movers within the scene. It also stores up to eight hours of this geo-tagged mission data on onboard solid state drives (SSDs), and can transmit up to 10 unique views to hundreds of users at one time.

Founded in 1996, Logos Technologies LLC is a diversified science, engineering and technology company specializing in the fields of advanced sensors, wide-area motion imagery, advanced analytics and processing of large, multisource datasets. Logos serves government customers as well as a range of customers in commercial and international markets.