Small Planet Airlines invests in improving passenger experience

During the first half of the year the leisure carrier Small Planet Airlines said it earned EUR 64.3 million and improved its financial performance by 25.3 percent.

The company said its profits doubled from EUR 2 to EUR 4 million, leading it announce plans to invest added profits into increasing its passengers´ comfort on-board.

As soon as next year the carrier intends to spend EUR 6 million on renewing all of its aircraft, marking the largest investment into the fleet renewal in the entire company´s history.

Based on the new concept of the salon, Small Planet Airlines plans to renew all of its Airbus A320 aircraft until the launch of the new summer holiday season next year. Amongst the anticipated modifications – brand new Recaro seats, special LED lighting and an internal wireless network which will enable all airline passengers to use their mobile devices for extra entertainment on-board.