SLI Systems releases personalization shopping software

e-commerce solutions provider SLI Systems (SLI.NZ) has released cloud-based software called SLI ESP that personalizes shopping experiences for both first-time visitors and loyal customers, continuously learning, predicting and presenting in real time the products customers are most likely to buy, the company said.

Powered by the SLI Buyer Engineâ„¢, the company´s patented machine learning product discovery platform, SLI ESP adds contextual personalization to SLI´s already highly relevant results.

SLI ESP distinguishes the interests of the user based on behavior to personalize search results and product recommendations.

SLI Systems accelerates e-commerce for the world´s top retailers by generating more traffic, converting shoppers into buyers and maximizing order values through solutions that improve site search, navigation, mobile, merchandising, personalization, recommendations, and SEO.