Skyworks partners with Libre Wireless Technologies to deliver portfolio of home technology solutions

Skyworks Solutions, Inc. (NASDAQ: SWKS) has partnered with Libre Wireless to deliver products for wireless audio and smart home applications, the company said.

Libre Wireless is leveraging multiple solutions from Skyworks to enable their leading media modules targeting wireless audio, smart voice services and assistants, among other smart home applications.

Libre Wireless´ new media modules include an advanced multi-room audio system, an optimized Wi-Fi/Bluetooth/Bluetooth Low Energy design and the LibreSync software platform to help simplify the design process and reduce development time. When combined with Skyworks´ innovative analog devices, the solution provides one of the most sophisticated solutions for audio, smart voice, and smart home applications available today and currently shipping to top tier companies worldwide.

Libre Wireless Technologies has extensive expertise and experience in developing WiFi/Wireless technologies with IoT and Media streaming software and SDK platforms, electronic modules and RF/antenna design solutions.

Skyworks Solutions empowers wireless networking, with innovative analog semiconductors to connect people, places and things.