Skyworks appoints Littlewood to strategic advisory board

Skyworks has named Peter B. Littlewood, PhD to its strategic board of advisors, effective immediately, the company said.

Littlewood is a professor of physics at the University of Chicago, and Emeritus Director of the Department of Energy´s Argonne National Laboratory. His research interests include the applications of materials for energy and sustainability.

Littlewood is a fellow of the Royal Society of London, the Institute of Physics, the American Physical Society, and TWAS (The World Academy of Sciences). He holds a bachelor´s degree in natural sciences and a doctorate in physics, both from the University of Cambridge.

Gyroplane technology company, Skyworks Global, studies and designs sustained autorotative flight. The company has more than 40 patents with several more underway, all obtained in an effort to change the way gyroplanes are perceived and utilized.