Skyryse unveils Skyryse Flight Stack to normalize urban air travel

California-based transportation company Skyryse has announced it has unveiled the Skyryse Flight Stack, a suite of automation technologies that will help the company make safe urban flight mainstream, the company said.

The Skyryse Flight Stack comprises technology that automates flight in FAA-approved helicopters, safety and communication systems, and a network of smart helipads to ultimately create a new transportation system in the sky. The company also demonstrated the Flight Stack in action, completing the world´s first fully autonomous flight — without a pilot´s hands on the controls or remote operator — in a modified FAA-approved commercial helicopter.

Unlike other companies building autonomous vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL) aircraft from scratch or only for the military, Skyryse refits existing consumer-grade, dependable and certified aircraft and technologies with software and hardware innovations. The Skyryse Flight Stack is initially designed for the Robinson R-44, an FAA-approved helicopter in wide use today. Each component of the system works in triplicate with airline-grade, fail-operational technology to ensure that automation functions remain operational at all times, even in the presence of equipment failures.

Skyryse is a transportation technology company built by transportation experts from Airbus, Boeing, Ford, JetBlue, Moog, SpaceX, Tesla, Uber, the US Military and Zoox. The company has raised USD 38 million from leading investors including Venrock, Eclipse Ventures, Fontinalis, Stanford University and Bill Ford, the executive chairman of Ford Motor Company.