Skyryse unveils FlightOS automation flight operating system

Skyryse has announced the introduction of flight automation system FlightOS that can be retrofited onto any aircraft to enable anyone to fly as safely as the best pilots on their best day using intuitive controls, the company said.

The aircraft-agnostic system introduces a new paradigm in flight safety and capabilities through simplified flight control operations. FlightOS leverages Skyryse´s full flight automation so pilots no longer need to worry about complex flight controls or structural and airframe operating limits. The result is that more people will be able to fly safely in more situations, alleviating a choke point for the many critical organizations that depend on the multi-billion dollar aircraft industry.

FlightOS combines on-board computers and fail-operational flight control automation hardware to power a new class of envelope protection and emergency management. The system constantly monitors the aircraft´s movement, stability, and flight path to ensure flight operations remain within all aspects of the flight envelope capabilities. In addition, the on-board computers can take over in emergency situations, such as engine failure, loss of altitude or an unanticipated landing.

Skyryse is a transportation technology company built by transportation experts from Airbus, Boeing, Ford, JetBlue, Moog, SpaceX, Tesla, Uber, the US Military and Zoox. The company has raised USD 38 million from leading investors including Venrock, Eclipse Ventures, Fontinalis, Stanford University and Bill Ford, the executive chairman of Ford Motor Company.