Skyroam, NordVPN to Offer Smartspot VPN Solution

Skyroam, the developer of virtual SIM (vSIM) technology that keeps users connected in over 130 countries, has announced a partnership with NordVPN, a Virtual Private Network (VPN) service, the company said.

The partnership will help develop pioneering technologies from both partners that will be used to create a new, all-around advanced solution for the consumer cybersecurity market.

By joining forces, Skyroam and NordVPN have launched the new Solis VPN, available on Skyroam´s Solis WiFi App. By combining their technical know-how and profound expertise to create easy-to-use,-edge products and outstanding services, this new service can redefine what security options are available to the consumer Wi-Fi market.

Skyroam was founded in Silicon Valley by technology innovators who identified a common pain-point among fellow travelers: getting fast, secure, and reliable mobile Internet connection on the go. To solve this problem, Skyroam developed and patented its virtual SIM (vSIM) technology, which delivers on-demand local wireless data through local carrier partnerships around the world.

NordVPN offers double VPN encryption, malware blocking, and Onion Over VPN. The product has over 5,000 servers worldwide, and is P2P friendly. For more information: