Skype Screens Robocalls with Help from TeleSign

TeleSign has announced a new partnership with Microsoft´s Skype to screen robocalls using the flagship digital identity solution Score, the company said.

By implementing Score, Skype is able to action against calls that are likely of a fraudulent origin. In this capacity Score is able to behave as an inbound spam filter while also preventing other types of communication fraud such as International Revenue Share Fraud (IRSF).

Since implementing the TeleSign solution, Skype has been able to action upon over one million fraudulent calls per day.

TeleSign´s Score solution delivers reputation scoring based on phone number intelligence, traffic patterns, machine learning and a global data consortium. In addition to securing communication, Score also provides a recommendation to allow, flag, or block a transaction or registration. The recommendation and Score can aid in making informed decisions about approving registrations or transactions, enabling companies to reduce fraud on their systems.

Score is currently available worldwide.

TeleSign connects and protects online experiences with sophisticated digital identity and programmable communication solutions. Learn more at and follow on Twitter at @TeleSign.

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