SKYMAGIC delivers drone light shows at Lune Rouge Entertainment's Japanese Infinity Ball

Performance drone company SKYMAGIC has announced it has designed and delivered a series of drone light shows at Japan´s tInfinity Ball — Between Earth and Sky,created by Lune Rouge Entertainment for SEGA SAMMY, the company said.

The Infinity Ball — Between Earth and Sky was imagined by Lune Rouge Entertainment to launch their début in Japan. The mesmerising weekend told a unique story that was driven by emotion. Infinity Ball was a spectacular drone and contemporary dance show complete with live music. 15,000 visitors saw the show, which was presented over 3 nights in Yokohama.

SKYMAGIC was invited by Lune Rouge Entertainment to design and collaborate on a bespoke series of performances at Red Brick Warehouse in Yokohama. It was the first time that SKYMAGIC have flown in close proximity to dancers and created a performance that physically animates the movement and emotion of the performers routine in the sky.
SKYMAGIC is one of the world´s leading performance drone companies. We are a team of pioneers, voyagers and storytellers. We are international. We are risk averse.

Our diverse team has over 15 years´ experience within the global entertainment industry and UAV swarm technology. We work with clients to unlock the most creative approach to telling their stories. Whether we are working within a busy show environment or taking centre stage and flying solo the story and how we help tell it remains at the heart of what we do.

Our customised fleet of dynamic, autonomously flown outdoor and indoor drones are each mounted with a full RGB pixel and deployed via a single ground control station across our proprietary, state-of-the-art flight software. Launched high into the night sky or within an enclosed venue, our swarm formation performance drones execute a range of stunning 3D displays and mesmerising choreographic sequences to dazzling effect.

SKYMAGIC are committed to discovering new destinations, new clients and making new friends. However at the heart of it all is story telling – helping clients engage with their audiences in the most creative and compelling way possible.

Lune Rouge Entertainment rallies industry experts and seasoned artists around innovative tech and artistic projects. It develops highly immersive entertainment experiences and explores new creative horizons through projects in Quebec and abroad.