Skyjet introduces Explorer

Skyjet, a Directional Aviation company and a pioneer in aviation technology since 1997, has introduced Skyjet Explorer, a membership-based product offering competitive, fixed hourly rates for on-demand charter, the company said.

An industry leader renowned for its commitment to making continuous, innovative digital developments in the private aviation space, including first introducing and patenting online booking, Skyjet Explorer marks the company´s first foray into a membership-based product. The announcement comes at a time of remarkable growth, with revenue up 22% year over year. Reinforcing Skyjet´s commitment to digital innovation, the company will also launch a mobile app with the Explorer program in the coming weeks.

Boasting competitive, fixed hourly rates for on-demand charter, Skyjet Explorer is designed as a travel solution for frequent charter fliers looking to upgrade to a more flexible product with fixed pricing and guaranteed availability 365 days a year, as well as first-class fliers entering the private aviation world. An innovative addition to Skyjet´s traditional offerings, which allow clients to book private travel on an as-needed basis, the introduction of the new program diversifies the company´s capabilities, solidifying Skyjet as one of the most flexible pay-as-you-go charter providers in the private aviation industry.

Available for an annual fee of USD 9,500, a Skyjet Explorer membership features competitive fixed rates and a transparent pricing model locked in from the date of sign-up. Explorers are able to choose between four jet size categories for each trip with as little as ten hours´ notice, with access to a network of over 1,000 Skyjet approved aircraft.

Additionally, Explorer members will be able to book, manage, and make payment for flights instantly with the new iOS and Android enabled Skyjet Explorer App. As the first private aviation company to introduce on-demand online booking in 1997 and with 25% of all bookings delivered through its digital platforms, Skyjet has refined its mobile app to meet the needs and preferences of its clients, cementing the platform as one of the most popular private aviation apps on the market today. Offering instant trip bookings via credit card, trip and account management capabilities, flight status and location-based push notifications, and a 24/7/365 live chat feature allowing for immediate assistance and insight as needed, the Skyjet Explorer app further reinforces the flexibility and convenience of the Skyjet product.

Founded in 1997, Skyjet revolutionized private jet charter after pioneering the industry´s first on-demand online booking for private jets. Headquartered in Massachusetts, Skyjet is a provider of on-demand private jet charters, providing clients with the industry´s most efficient means of accessing private jet travel. Skyjet provides a superior solution for travelers seeking a simple, on-demand private jet charter option and a seamless booking experience. Clients have instant access to a custom fleet consisting of the Nextant 400XT, as well as a fully certified jet collection through an extensive network of Skyjet approved operators. A team of dedicated aviation experts focused on exceptional service play a critical role in every Skyjet-approved trip. Skyjet´s sole focus is on private jet charter customers, and it offers them convenience, security, and overall peace of mind — in short, expertise on demand. Skyjet is part of one of the world´s largest aviation portfolios, Directional Aviation. Visit http: