SkyFive acquires Nokia's air-to-ground assets to create digital broadband networks for aviation industry

Germany based SkyFive has announced it has acquired a part of Nokia´s Air-to-Ground (A2G) assets and capabilities, the company said.

SkyFive combines the aviation and telecommunications worlds in a unique way to enable a breakthrough in aviation digitization and address the airlines´ increasing needs for connectivity with a high-performance, future-proof, and cost-effective solution based on 4G and 5G standards.

With the purchased assets, SkyFive becomes world´s first A2G communications specialist. SkyFive assumes responsibility for the end-to-end solution, which comprises avionics, telecommunications, and IT systems. Nokia continues to be responsible for sales and implementation of the ground network — an integral part of the solution — to Communication Service Providers, based on its strong technology and delivery capabilities.

Following the successful deployment and launch of the European Aviation Network, SkyFive and Nokia are planning to expand A2G into other regions, with SkyFive taking responsibility for the end-to-end solution, and Nokia continuing to be the provider of the ground network technology.