Skyfire Consulting partners with Skydas for post-certified drone training academy

Skyfire Consulting, a public safety drone consultancy, and Skydas Group, which specializes in law enforcement and counter-terrorism training, have announced they will be teaming up to create the SkyTac Training Academy for POST-certified law enforcement UAS training, the companies said.

Trainings will primarily be based out of Skydas´ facility in Dallas, Georgia, but are available on-location for agencies wishing to do so.

In addition to the companies combined training offerings, Skyfire and Skydas are working together to offer large-event overwatch services, including live-streaming drones for surveillance and crowd monitoring, and drone detection capabilities to spot potential incoming aerial threats.

The group has already deployed these capabilities at events like the NFL´s Big Game in Atlanta, the grand opening of Tyler Perry Studios, and the Democratic Debate.

Skyfire Consulting is national public safety UAV consulting company, specializing in pilot training, FAA consulting, SOP development and on-site services for public safety. Skyfire is a division of Atlanta Drone Group, Inc., based in Decatur, Georgia.

Skydas Group is a law enforcement and travel safety training organization and provides consulting in the areas of workplace safety programs, emergency planning and dignitary protection.