SkyCross iMAT technology incorporated into Intel platform

SkyCross´s iMAT (Isolated Mode Antenna Technology) 4X4 MIMO (multiple input multiple output) antennas have been incorporated by Intel (NASDAQ: INTC) as part of the standard design of its ANYWAN GRX350/550/750 Home Gateway platforms, the company said.

Intel´s standard design utilizes four iMAT antennas, which replace eight antennas in the prior design, while providing a 30% increase in download speed.

SkyCross´ advanced iMAT antennas and solutions have been available since 2014 and have been deployed commercially in more than ten million smart devices. iMAT technology has been actively tested and validated on several operator networks globally.

SkyCross Dual iMAT technology eliminates interference between closely spaced antennas. It allows four 4X4 MIMO antennas to compactly fit into a smartphone, tablet, or ultrabook/PC form factor, with the same or better performance provided by widely spaced traditional antennas.

SkyCross´ patented iMAT technology allows product designers to locate multiple 4G LTE MIMO or multi-band Wi-Fi antennas in close proximity while still achieving the high isolation/low correlation needed for MIMO architectures.

SkyCross designs and makes advanced RF solutions. It offers complete consultative RF design services and antenna solutions ranging from integrated modules, to traditional and advanced antenna solutions, to reference designs for advanced antenna and integrated RFFE solutions. The company is headquartered in San Jose, California, with full-service manufacturing facilities in South Korea and Greater China.