Skycloud Software partners with Asiainfo in joint cloud technology push

Skycloud Software, a Beijing-based technology company dedicated to cloud computing management and innovation, has entered into a strategic partnership to share its Enterprise Elastic Computing Platform (SkyForm® ECP) , a container based cloud computing technology, with the product Ability Integration Framework (AIF) of AsiaInfo, China´s biggest independent software maker and an innovative provider of IT services to the telecommunications industry, the company said.

Under the partnership to start later this year, Skycloud Software and Asiainfo will integrate their resources to jointly make breakthroughs in technology, products, and services to its customers. The two parties will work hand-in-hand to develop core technology and software around Asiainfo´s AIF infrastructure platform, and will conduct joint research on new technology and products to satisfy market demand.

Skycloud Software is committed to promoting cloud computing standards, bringing new technology and innovation into the cloud computing, with its SkyForm® products. With its vision of continuing innovation and strong international research and development team, Skycloud Software is chosen among rival competitors.

Powered by Skyform´s signature Enterprise Elastic Computing Platform (SkyForm® ECP) technology, AsiaInfo AIF enables applications like CRM to migrate from traditional SMP machines to x86 clusters. It supports micro-service architected applications with built-in scalability and high availability. AIF provides many services including dashboard display which visualizes service management procedure, application container image management in real-time, as well as add-on services that provide business intelligence and ensures business continuity.

Skycloud Software is already a computing infrastructure provider to many telecommunication projects such as CMCC Provincial Private Cloud, CMCC Provincial Information & Application Platform, and China Unicom “Woo” Public Cloud. The products and services provided by the company have helped telecom operators simplify their IT systems, increase revenue and profit, reduce TCO, and enable technical and innovations. In addition, the adoption of its dynamic resources allocation technology helps organizations to increase average resource utilization by 50 percent.

Founded in 2010, Beijing-based Skycloud Software is an innovative technology company dedicated to cloud platform software development, cloud system deployment, and cloud solution customization and maintenance services. It has carried more than 100 projects, on both public and private cloud systems, in multiple industries.