Skyborne Technology to acquire Florida's Costin-Port St Joe airport

Skyborne Technology, Inc. has announced it has executed a contract to acquire Costing-Port St Joe Airport in Gulf County, Florida for aircraft operations, flight operations, manufacturing and unmanned aircraft systems training, the company said.

Airships are used in homeland security, defense, telecommunications and other vertical markets. As a homeland security or defense tool, the airships can be equipped to perform high-level research, superior intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance applications and secure communications. In telecommunications, they provide a viable alternative to cell towers and satellites.

The company chose the airport due to its geographical location to both Land and Sea. Also, the company will be in joint cooperation with Gulf Coast State College for the manufacturing of drones, airships, first responder communication systems and training as part of an educational outreach.

Skyborne Technology is a developer, manufacturer and integrator of next generation manned and automated first responder communication, unmanned airship and drone aviation systems.

Gulf Coast State College (GCSC) is an educational leader in Northwest Florida, meeting the workforce development needs of Florida´s central panhandle.