Sixgill touts HyperLabel speed

HyperLabel, a new desktop data labeling application for Machine Learning (ML) just announced by Sixgill, LLC, offers the fastest path to creating high-quality labeled datasets for better ML models, the company said.

With HyperLabel, there´s no need to upload files to an external service. Users retain complete ownership, privacy and control of their data, while accelerating project onboarding and completion with quick and easy usability anchored on the desktop. It´s all cloud-free, highly scalable and locally installed.

HyperLabel is designed to be fast, easy and accurate, from setup to label export. Customizations are straightforward and explanations are clear. HyperLabel will even use ML itself to give labeling projects a speed and accuracy boost with pre-trained models for common objects that will automatically create labels for you.

HyperLabel is available now for download via the Mac App Store or Microsoft Store.

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