Sixgill extends power of Sense data

Sixgill, LLC, the provider of sensor data services for governing Internet of Everything (IoE) assets, has announced that it has edge-enabled its Reach SDK & Edge Agent to extend the power of Sense data automation to the edge of a network, the company said.

The new Reach SDK and Edge Agent moves Sense data ingestion, analytics and rule-triggering processes from the cloud to edge devices and gateways. This can dramatically reduce the amount of device data traffic to the cloud by performing the sensor data automation close to or on the device, thereby attacking latency, increasing security, and containing costs.

Sixgill´s Reach SDK and Edge Agent can be embedded in most device types and operating systems. Reach will continue to enable its original functionality and communicate with Sense via mobile devices when embedded in mobile apps to provide hybrid geo-location and sensor data to enable real-time contextual, triggered messaging.

Sixgill builds universal sensor data and automation services that enable organizations to govern IoE assets. Sixgill Senseâ„¢ offers developers the ability to acquire, analyze and act on any sensor-generated data, at any velocity or scale. Sense can acquire sensor data from any emitter or gateways, and distill actionable intelligence for quick, programmatic response. Sixgill offers customers a single powerful platform to unify sensor data management, process automation and analytics for all sensor-informed applications. Visit