SITA launches working group to address airport security

SITA has announced the formation of the Secure Journeys Working Group to address today´s airport security threats in the USA and to work toward creating a secure and efficient passenger experience throughout the airport, the company said.

The launch of the Secure Journeys initiative is in response to the current security climate and recent attacks on non-secure areas of the airport, including the Brussels airport bombing and Fort Lauderdale airport shooting. Members of the working group cite these incidents as examples that demonstrate the need to rethink the approach to getting passengers through the airport quickly and safely.

Secure Journeys is an evolution and expansion of SITA´s Border Automation User Group which was formed in 2015 to facilitate implementation of the US Customs and Border Protection´s (CBP) Automated Passport Control program.

The newly extended group will address growing challenges, including moving passengers and baggage more rapidly through non-secure areas of the airport; reducing and effectively managing security wait times; incorporating biometrics for passenger screening authentication; addressing ways in which identity management solutions can be used along with data analytics to reduce the growing concerns around the insider threat.

SITA is the global provider of border security and IT solutions to governments, airlines and airports. Its communications and IT solutions provide technology for airlines, at airports, and on aircraft. The company´s portfolio covers everything from managed global communications and infrastructure services, to eAircraft, passenger management, baggage, self-service, airport and border management solutions. Owned 100% by more than 400 air transport industry members, SITA has a unique understanding of its needs and places a strong emphasis on technology innovation.

With a presence at more than 1,000 airports around the world and a customer service team of 2,000+ staff, SITA delivers service to more than 2,800 customers in more than 200 countries. In 2015, SITA had consolidated revenues of USD 1.7bn. SITA´s subsidiaries and joint ventures include SITAONAIR, CHAMP Cargosystems, and Aviareto.