Sinocloud Wisdom presents new AI check-in robot

At the 18th Dubai Airport Show, Sinocloud Wisdom (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd. unveiled its market-ready product, a brand new check-in and baggage drop-off robot featuring artificial intelligence technology, the company said.

The robot supports fully automated check-in and baggage drop-off. Using AGV technology, the robot will avoid obstacles and transport the bags to the baggage handling area. All the passenger need to do is to scan the passport, put their bags in the robot, and go straight to the passenger security checkpoint. If any bag is spotted suspicious, the security inspection staff will be automatically alarmed and informed of the owner´s information which is collected when the passport is scanned.

Instead of looking for the check-in desk, passengers can check in and drop their bags off from anywhere in the airport with the robot. It will speed up the check-in process and reduce workload of the check-in staff at airports.

Sinocloud Wisdom is a provider of artificial intelligence and safety application solutions. Based on IoT, artificial intelligence and big data technologies, the company provides a full range of intelligent safety solutions for airports, customs, immigration inspection and quarantine, public security, environmental protection and other scenarios. These solutions include Smart Airport Solution, Smart Airport Joint Inspection Solution, Passenger Inspection Solution, and Smart City Rail Transportation Solution.