Singular introduces civil cargo drone

Singular Aircraft has announced its Flyox I is the only amphibious UAV in the world designed for civil purposes of 4,000 KG of Maximum Take Of Weight (MTOW), with speed ranges from 75 to 140Kts, the company said.

Demonstrations conducted a series of flight demonstrations in Barahona, Dominican Republic that part Visual Line Of Sight and part Beyond Visual Line Of Sight in the airport CTR and the segregated area provided.

It has been a total of 8 flights, more than 3,000 Km flown, during more than 20 flight hours. All of which, were fully autonomous operations that were demonstrating different configurations, speeds and maneuvers using the standard cargo version of this model.

All the flight operations were combined with other planes and helicopters that were using the same airspace and ground control from the tower of Barahona International Airport and from Santo Domingo FIR, with several de-conflicting maneuvers performed in each and every flight.

The next flight demonstrations for the Flyox UAV cargo version together with a conference on UAV´s in Santo Domingo are scheduled to take place from November 22nd to December 4th.

The Air Drop version will be showcased early next year and the Surveillance version will also be showcased in mid 2020.