Singapore's First Fully Digital Mobile Service Built to Cater to Unique Needs of Millennials

MATRIXX Software, an innovation powerhouse committed to transforming global commerce, has announced that StarHub Ltd., a telecommunications provider in Singapore, selected the MATRIXX Digital Commerce Platform for giga!, the company said.

Giga! is Singapore´s first-ever fully digital mobile service brand designed to meet the unique needs of the country´s 1.2 million millennials.

With an accelerated time frame to launch giga!, StarHub selected MATRIXX because of its 100% digital tech Stack that enabled giga! to install and deploy MATRIXX in a matter of months. In addition, its configuration-based software allowed the giga! team to deliver on all of its business requirements without any customization, thereby saving time and money.

Furthermore, the API-based integration of the MATRIXX Digital Commerce Platform made it easy to plug into the network, IT and third-party components. Out-of-the-box use cases allowed the giga! team to select the building blocks for a differentiated proposition quickly and easily. As a result of MATRIXX´s approach, the giga! team was able to design, build and launch the service in under six months.

By deploying the MATRIXX Digital Commerce Platform, giga! is able to offer an unprecedented level of flexibility for its customers:

— Complete Freedom: No-contract plans that provide generous amounts of data, talk time and SMS messaging to meet the needs of millennials and heavy data users – all at an attractive price.
Lifestyle Packs: Packs of services, all of which are fully configurable so that customers can buy as little or as much as they need.

— Digitized Payments: Millennial-friendly payment flow (e.g., no re-routing of the page as payment sits within the context of the checkout page) and secure payment options with fraud detection capabilities so all customers can buy and pay for services quickly and easily.

— Digital ID Verification: Real-time ID verification with fraud detection capability; the first telco in Singapore to launch digital verification.

— Rock ´n´ Rollover Data: giga! is the first mobile brand in Singapore to allow customers to hold onto their data. giga´s contract-free 25GB plan at USD 25 comes with 1000 minutes, 1000 SMSes, free data rollover (a unique feature only offered by giga!), free caller number display, free incoming calls and free SMS messages.