SINET announces Impact Award winner

SINET, an organization focused on advancing cybersecurity innovation through public-private collaboration, unveiled the winner of the inaugural SINET Impact Award during their Forum at the Computer History Museum in Silicon Valley, the company said.

Jerry Archer, Senior Vice President and Chief Security Officer for Sallie Mae is the 2018 honoree and was recognized by the SINET Cybersecurity community for his notable contributions of outstanding significance to this critically important industry sector.

As part of the recognition, SINET contributed USD 10,000 to the Elizabeth J. Somers Women´s Leadership Program at the George Washington University, Archer´s alma mater and a program he and his wife have supported for more than 30 years. The program promotes excellence in academic achievement, fosters strong community building, and provides freshmen women at the university with a framework to develop and build their own leadership identity.

The SINET Impact Award was created to recognize a cybersecurity professional who has dedicated their professional life to creating and building a successful community and contributing to the growth and success of the cybersecurity industry globally. Recipients of the SINET Impact Award are instrumental in the formation and growth of the Cybersecurity ecosystem and have consistently set high performance standards for the industry as a whole. Winners of this award choose a not-for-profit of their choice so that the proceeds can be issued under their name.

SINET is a purpose driven community whose mission is to advance innovation and enable global collaboration between the public and private sectors to defeat Cybersecurity threats. SINET is a super-connector within the ecosystem of the entrepreneur; bringing together innovators with executives from the private industry, venture capital, investment banking, system integration, policy, legal, academia, science communities as well as the Federal Government´s civilian, military and intelligence agencies. Our forums take place in Davos, Toronto, Melbourne, Silicon Valley, New York, Sydney, London, Scottsdale and Washington DC.