simPRO launches new SMS plans

Technology company simPRO´s ongoing mission to help businesses increase productivity and profitability has taken a giant leap forward, with the launch of their latest SMS-based job management system plans, the company said.

With a variety @simPROsoftware SMS plans, you have the option to pick one that suits your business´s communication needs.

As cloud-based job management technology increases its expansion into the trade services industry, simPRO´s SMS plans give businesses the ability to use mobile devices in the job process without having to worry about added service providers and logistics.

simPRO´s SMS service gives businesses an appropriate platform to communicate on a smaller and more mobile scale, providing a more streamlined channel compared to conversations over the phone or emails. simPRO users with a SMS plan can send custom messages that update and inform customers on work progress or alert workers of a new job or request, meeting or project reminders; both on site or in the office.