Silicon Valley Data Science partners with Health Integrated

Health Integrated said it has announced a strategic partnership with consulting firm Silicon Valley Data Science (SVDS).

The two companies have had a consulting relationship since March 2014 when Health Integrated tapped SVDS to help shape its proprietary data architecture, a key to its data-driven managed care solutions for health plans that serve the most vulnerable patient populations.

Health Integrated uses precision data to focus on the relatively small segment of patients who account for a large share of healthcare plan costs. The partnership includes a strategic investment from SVDS, which enables a deeper level of services collaboration and strategic advisory.

Health Integrated enables health plans to effectively manage its members and control costs through its highly scalable precision empowered care management delivery model.

Based in Mountain View, California, Silicon Valley Data Science works in holistic teams trained in strategic and agile approaches: whether using data to understand customers or build new go-to-market offerings, they help clients to iterate toward big data applications that create meaningful business impact.