Siklu participates in 5G experiment with RAPID Consortium

Siklu, millimeter wave market leader, has participated in a successful live 5G demonstration in Warsaw, Poland with RAPID 5G consortium members, the company said.

Live 5G data was transmitted throughout the Blue City shopping mall using the groundbreaking RAPID architecture.

The 5G standard, which is planned for 2020, will specify much higher capacities than 4G, more users will be able to use the network simultaneously, greater reliability and more.

The test included very high-resolution video transmission – 4K and 8K through the 5G antenna modules installed in the facility. The video was received on a moving terminal throughout the mall with a computer with VR goggles. Transmission was over Wi-Fi, millimeter wave equipment from Siklu demonstrating 5G, and commercial 4G, and the goal was to show the interoperability of these radio access technologies.

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