Siklu offers 60GHz radio for interference-free connectivity

Siklu has introduced a V-band radio operating in the 60GHz band for providing interference-free connectivity on the street, the company said.

The new EtherHaul-500 provides carrier-grade performance, for upgrading congested 5GHz networks.

Siklu´s EtherHaul-500 provides 200Mbps of real time, interference free connectivity. It utilizes the 9GHz-wide V-Band spectrum, and with 11 non-overlapping full capacity channels, which are also user-selectable, the EtherHaul-500 provides a scalable solution for dense street-level networks.

Siklu delivers multi-gigabit fiber-like wireless connectivity in urban, suburban and rural areas. Operating in the 60, 70/80 GHz bands, its millimeter wave solutions are used by integrators, service providers, municipal authorities and mobile network operators worldwide.