Siklu, Broavada partner to deploy gigabit wireless networks

Siklu Inc. and Broavada Communications LLC said they have announced a partnership to accelerate the deployment of millimeter wave gigabit wireless networks.

Siklu offers small, millimeter wave based, multi-gigabit radio solutions, applicable to a wide range of Ethernet deployment scenarios. The products are ideal for communities that require gigabit connectivity, but do not enjoy the economies of scale to “rebuild” pure fiber networks.

Working together, Siklu and Broavada said they will find and select communities that might benefit from this infrastructure and its services.

The Siklu multi-gigabit throughput radios are the market´s most cost-effective solutions for short-range fiber like wireless point-to-point links. The technology is based on radio frequency transmission in the unlicensed V-Band and the lightly licensed E-Band. These run in the 60-80GHz range. They are based on more than 30 patents, and include the first SiGe E-band chip and other unique achievements. Siklu has sold and deployed tens of thousands of radios worldwide to service providers, mobile operators, wireless security network operators, and enterprises.