Signs of a Hostile Working Environment

In the 21st Century, people from various walks of life have already fought for their rights and in turn, achieved equal protection and benefits, regardless of their designation in the social strata. One of the most exceptional turning points in our world’s history is the recognition of industrial workers’ rights. That each worker has a right to have a healthy, conducive, and tactful working set-up/environment, observing the hierarchical platform yet promotes humanity’s welfare, otherwise. So, as a worker, a professional, or employee, what are the things you must know, whether you unconsciously or if you are turning a blind eye, are trapped in a hostile working environment? This paper shall explore the variety of signs which may help you in recognising your status as an employee.

As of now, business associations are gone up against with a few difficulties and dangers identified with both the outer and interior condition. These components at that point lead to these marvels of an advancement of an unfriendly workplace described by various uninvolved practices, for example, the absence of useful security, imbalanced work and family lives, abuse or badgering at work, awful mental condition spoken to by business related pressure, organisation’s absolutist treatment, clashes, and representatives’ introduction to dangers including a wide range of provocation (Alterman et al., 2013, pp. 666-667). It is indisputable that each aspires to elevate oneself, to prove oneself, and to live without any setbacks, when one is secured with a job for his/her lifetime. Unless this set-up has gone wrong, that led you, internally, into becoming the opposite of compelling and inspirational worker, who seems to get a lot of conflicts with your boss/team leader—first, stop, and have a self-check-up on yourself. According to Hennig Ruiz & Singh, there are Ten (10) common signs for a hostile working environment, but this time, we cut it down into five (5) general signs that may be present in your workplace, right now:

First, either you or your workmates or boss are divided into clusters, as if a cold war is on-hold for the longest time. Leading to unsatisfactory job results due to lack of coordination and teamwork.

Second, either you or your co-worker/s or boss blatantly and aggressively approaches conflicts in a verbal, physical, psychological, or emotional manner, without resolving the issue, but instead, bringing or stoking up either personal or professional anxieties in the centre of the problem at hand.

Third, either discrimination, favouritism, and other belittling practices observed in the workplace show unjust treatment among all of its workers, regardless of whomever, is receiving it. Worst would be the presence of criminally-recognised acts such as harassment or abuse of a person is prevalent in the place.

Fourth, neither of you would love or be enticed to work for the next day in the same workplace. You hate working in the same place, where either you or co-workers or boss, become unproductive and miserable, resulting in the bad reputation of the workplace or production of job outcomes.

Fifth, either you or your co-workers or boss is thinking of leaving or quitting the team/workplace behind in a critical situation you are all in, as an escape plan from even trying to resolve the hostile issues at hand.

If you believe you are experiencing any of these, in any way, you may be right in checking-up on yourself at the very least, for this situation is hazardous for anyone, which may lead to worst case scenarios that we all aim to prevent from happening.

You may have heard about such workplace assaults or issues resulting in strange behaviour or criminal acts.

But what are the remedies you may resort to in case you are continually experiencing such dilemma in your workplace? Or if you have been assaulted or abused in a way due to the surrounding circumstances? Or how can you help a fellow worker or employee from regaining oneself from falling into this abyss of danger?

The necessary thing you may do would be to think about the possibility of looking for a more comfortable, peaceful, and encouraging workplace environment, as a plan B, than putting up with a workplace that posits these toxic signs, before it ends badly for you.

Another thing is, if you believe that the entire workplace may still go back to its healthy status, you may want to propose a resolution, only if the matter may still be saved from totally falling out, to regain the bond between the people inside the workplace, and hence, resulting to a better working environment than before. 

In a worst-case scenario, which commonly happens, and which is why this article is made, is if either you or another have been a victim or is accused of causing trouble due to these signs in such workplace. Whereby, you or the victim would be needing a legal remedy on the matter, it is best to find a lawyer who will understand you and uphold your integrity as a client and worker/professional. Before proceeding to any other measures, having the best person to give you legal advice would be your safest action on the matter. Even the [United States Equal Employment Opportunity Commission] ( indicated under the Employer Liability for Harassment, the liabilities or remedies that the victim may resolve in the courts, if not settled within the parties. You may also want to check out the website of [U.S. Department of Labor ](, where it also discusses the remedies the victim employee may raise in the courts. If you may be experiencing any of these and needs to talk about it with a professional who has the capacity of giving you the best legal advice, I know a law firm that may help you with your concerns regarding workplace issues and the like, such as , They do have competent and grounded lawyers who shall support your need in every way they can.