Sightline Innovation names new chief science officer

Sightline Innovation Inc. said it has appointed Dr. Jason Cassidy, MD., to the position of Chief Science Officer (CSO).

Dr. Cassidy resides as the principal architect behind Sightline VuPoint and has spent his tenure with Sightline also contributing to the vast growth of Sightline Cortex, the proprietary machine and deep learning platform powering Sightline´s two flagship products – Verify & VuPoint.

As CSO, Cassidy will collaborate with a team of world class scientists and engineers to seamlessly integrate the Sightline Cortex into biomedicine and in vitro diagnostics. As a result, Sightline VuPoint will be the only dynamic and adaptable solution for detecting ever evolving infectious diseases on a global scale.

Sightline is Canada´s only machine and deep learning (artificial intelligence) cloud services company that specializes in advanced quality inspection and data analytics servicing multiple verticals from healthcare to manufacturing.