Sierra Technical completes engine run testing on 5GAT Drone for DOD

Sierra Technical Services, Inc. (STS) has announced it completed engine run testing on the 5th Generation Aerial Target (5GAT), the company said.

The 5GAT contract is administered by the US Army Corp of Engineers Contracting Office (USACE) and is managed by the Office of the Secretary of Defense, Director of Operational Test and Evaluation (OSD/DOT&E). STS was awarded a Prime Contract in March 2017 to design, manufacture, assemble, integrate and ground/flight test the 5GAT Demonstrator and has provided subject matter expertise to the US Government while developing the design of the 5GAT aircraft concept since 2008.

The 5GAT aircraft is intended to meet specialized needs regarding threat representative adversaries that the US Warfighter may encounter in an aerial combat situation. The 5GAT is a high-performance, unmanned, fighter-size aircraft that will be utilized for Air-to-Air and Surface-To-Air weapons evaluation, pilot training, and ground forces training when translated into production as the Next Generation Aerial Target (NGAT). The 5GAT Demonstrator First Flight is scheduled to take place early in 2020.

Sierra Technical Services, Inc. (STS) is a woman-owned small business registered as an S Corp in the state of California. STS is located at the Tehachapi Airport in Tehachapi, CA. STS is a design, manufacturing, assembly and testing company that specializes in unmanned aerial vehicles and aerospace low-cost composites design and fabrication.