Sichuan Airlines unveils new cabin crew uniforms

China-based Sichuan Airlines has revealed newly designed cabin crew uniforms as part of its “Panda Route” international flight development program, the company said.

The classic red-and-black design symbolizing passion and rationality aims to promote the airline´s image and raise its profile on the global stage.

Inspired by Sichuan Airlines´ theme color, “Sichuan red,” the ladies´ new uniform is composed of a red one-piece, a black blazer, a red blazer, a black winter wool coat and a black hat. The gentleman´s uniform features a white shirt with red stripe design and a splash of red on the blazer pocket to echo the ladies´ dress.

Sichuan Airlines refreshes its uniforms every five to ten years, and each design has been an expression of the airline´s image throughout different stages of its development. The company puts lots of thought into uniforms, from the polka dot shirts with white dresses in early years to the 6th edition red-rose and sapphire design with bowknot on the waist.

Sichuan Airlines operates a fleet of 134 aircraft on more than 270 domestic, regional and international routes, covering Asia, Europe, North America and Oceania.