SIAE MICROELETTRONICA Boosts E-band Technology in 5G Mobile Backhaul

SIAE MICROELETTRONICA, a technology specialist in mobile microwave backhaul, has successfully developed and field tested with a tier 1 global mobile operator a proof of concept solution to boost e-band millimetre-wave radio reach, expanding its applicability in 5G mobile backhaul, the company said

With 20Gbs full-duplex capacity, current E-Band systems offer highest capacity with limited distance reach, restricting their applicability to urban environment. SIAE MICROELETTRONICA engineered an E-band power booster that couples with a new generation smart antenna especially designed for this project takes the EIRP to the maximum allowed limit (85 dBm) as set by ETSI/FCC. This solution would cater for an extra 85% hop length, at the same availability and capacity conditions, almost doubling the distance.

The smart antenna keeps link alignment compensating from pole sway or movements, allowing operators to deploy 60cm and 90cm antenna, today otherwise unsuitable.

SIAE MICROELETTRONICA is a provider of wireless communication technology, offering operators advanced solutions for microwave and millimetre-wave transport, services and network design, with a primary focus on mobile backhaul. For more information: