Sheremetyevo tests 2,715 international passengers with rapid tests for coronavirus

Sheremetyevo International Airport has announced it has used the EMG express diagnostic service for coronavirus to test a total of 2,715 international passengers between July 20 and August 5, 2020, the company said.

From August 1 through August 5, Sheremetyevo´s total international passenger traffic was 14,316 people, 5,796 on arriving flights and 8,520 on departing flights. Of these, 4,168 passengers were on scheduled flights to Turkey and Great Britain and 5,284 passengers were on flights arriving from Turkey and Great Britain. International service resumed at Terminal D on August 1.

Diagnostics are carried out using test systems manufactured by EMG (Evotech-Mirai Genomics), created with the financial support of the Russian Direct Investment Fund.

Passengers and guests of Sheremetyevo can get an express test for coronavirus and obtain a reliable result in 60 minutes at the health centers of Terminals B (domestic flights) and D (domestic and international flights).

Sheremetyevo International Airport is the largest Russian airport in terms of passenger and cargo traffic. The route network comprises more than 230 destinations.