Sheremetyevo International Airport opens 3rd runway

Sheremetyevo International Airport in Moscow has announced it has commissioned its third runway, the company said.

The head of the Ministry of Transport emphasized the importance of the opening of the runway for the entire Moscow aviation hub. The first two lanes at Sheremetyevo operate in dependent mode. Their removal from each other does not allow two planes to land and take off simultaneously. The third runway is independent and makes it possible for aircraft to land and take off simultaneously.

The new independent runway enables Sheremetyevo to increase its throughput and become the first airport in Russia with three runways. The modern airfield and terminal infrastructure of Sheremetyevo opens up new opportunities for long-term growth and development for base carriers and new airlines.

Runway-3 removes infrastructure restrictions and creates conditions to ensure the increasing demand for air transportation at Sheremetyevo Airport. The runway also adds the possibility of restoring the operation suitability of existing elements of the airfield, including the planned reconstruction of Runway-1, while maintaining and further increasing the volume of air transportation.

Sheremetyevo Airport plans to enter the league of the largest aviation hubs in the world and strengthen its status as the main transit hub between Europe and Asia.