Sheremetyevo Airport Welcomes the World Cup to Moscow

Russia´s main air transport hub northwest of Moscow Sheremetyevo International Airport has held the formal presentation of the FIFA World Cup trophy to the host country, presenting the legendary trophy as part of the FIFA World Cup preparations, the company said.

Sheremetyevo is projected to receive two hundred planes bringing fans and players to the tournament.

The welcome ceremony was held in the new Terminal B, which was built for the tournament. The new features at Sheremetyevo offer travelers to Russia a first impression of the country.

The renovations at Sheremetyevo allow for expanded capacity. Terminal B alone can handle 20 million passengers–out of a total of 46 million–projected for the entire airport in 2018. By 2026, Sheremetyevo is set to accommodate 80 million people through the construction of the new terminal C. The planned development can be financed from Sheremetyevo´s own funds.